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About me

My work as a lead editor

The Missing Lynx, 2008 (Kandor Graphics, Spain)
The Lady and the Reaper, 2009 (Kandor Graphics, Spain-USA)
Justin and the Knights of Valour, 2013 (Kandor Graphics, Spain-UK)
Top Cat Begins, 2014 (Anima Estudios, Mexico-USA)
Run Ozzy Run, 2016 (Spain, Canada)
Welcome to Monster High, 2016 (UK-USA)
Luck, 2021 (USA-Spain)
Ember, 2022 (USA-Spain)
My Fairy Troublemaker, 2022 (Luxembourg-Germany-France)


Bachelor in Computer science, founder of two companies and focused in computer graphics and web design & developing for over 15 years.

My background spans since 1997, the beginning of HTML coding, server side scripts and both frontend and UX design. My other passion, motion graphics and video, has taken me into the Film Industry (featuring in 5 animated productions as Lead Editor) and videogames (mobile and desktop), aswell in the Visual FX stage and advertising and corporate communication agencies.

I’m used to working in Agile environments with clients and stakeholders, keeping a fluid communication objective planning, researching and progress feedback.

Creative proficiency in

Feature Films and Computer Graphics in all production stages.

Web development, Data analytics and UX/UI design

My values

  • Agile team worker.
  • Strong communication skills with stakeholders.
  • Autonomous worker, committed to team objectives.
  • Attention to details centered in the quality assessment and the customer point of view.
  • Highly motivated team person with a product and corporate view.
  • Always improving and staying up to date in new technologies and industry innovation.
  • Technical background in scripting, programming and IT.
  • Experience with employee training and public showcase.
  • Flexible to changes and peer collaboration.


Adobe Creative Cloud (After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator)

Adobe XD for UI mockups

Blender 3D 2.8x

Unreal Engine 4.2x

Remote collaborative environments: Trello,


  • CMS management in WordPress, PHP hook and plugin coding
  • Google Cloud Platform, Analytics
  • VS Code, Visual Studio
  • Node.js

I have experience in feature animation films, aswell in VFX editing, in all production stages: Animatic, Layout and Finishing.
■ Trailers, demos and other communication videos.
■ Assistant director in Script supervision, Breakdowns, ADR supervision, shot creation
■ Motion Graphics: Compositing, 3D integration, UI and title design.