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Tag: Blender

Juan de Loxa, motion graphics for exhibition

There’s this awesome exhibit going on in Granada, Spain, right now showcasing the work of Juan de Loxa, one of the poets from the “Jondo y Beat” movement. He was all about breaking the rules and pushing boundaries during the cultural revolution in Spain. The exhibit is totally immersive and it’s all going down in the Albaycín, the neighborhood where the magical city of Granada was born. You can check out his artwork, sketches, and even his personal letters at the installation located in the Almirante square.

It’s a must for any good tourist to strike a pose in front of the Alhambra at the first lookout point they come across.

This exhibit is the bomb, man! It spans two floors and even has videos featuring interviews and motion graphics that showcase the more than 50 years of artistic activity and style that Juan de Loxa left behind.

I worked on a 2-minute video piece that’s gonna be projected on these super cool docked walls. I was in charge of the artistic study, restoring scanned graphic materials, animating elements, and compositing it all in Adobe After Effects.

This whole thing was produced by Prodisa, and the University of Granada is the one promoting it.

I totally used some AI wizardry to create depth channels for these photos! We used this sweet model called Deth Leres with Stable Diffusion 1.5 to make it happen. It was pretty wild!

Wonders of the Universe

Celebrating groundbreaking news in Black Hole research today! 😀 A perfect moment to show some videos about Accretion Disks for Wonders of the Universe!

Software used: Blender 3D (Animation Nodes addon) and After Effects

VR 360º Nike showroom

Youtube VR 360

Just Rotate your device to see the environment. Enjoy the experience!

Virtual reality 360º.
Blender 3D render in quadrangulate mode 
Composited in After Effects with “Mantra” Mettle plugin suite.

Motion Graphics Reel

I’m a lover of CGI. Both 2D and 3D worlds can merge into something exciting inside Adobe After Efects.

Tools & plugins:

  • Video copilot 3D Element
  • Red Giant Suites: VFX, Shooter, Universe  & Trapcode
  • Mocha track, matchmoving and BG restoration
  • VR 360º videos with Mettle Mantra Suite
  • JSON SVG vector animation for webs

3D software:

  • Blender 3D
  • Cinema 4D
  • Reallusion Character Creator & iClone
  • Unreal Engine
  • Substance Painter

Scientific Visualization

University of Lennsburg: case study of anti-graviton interaction, device engineering.

MotionGraphics made in After Effects with 3DElement plugin and Trapcode Form fluid simulation.