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Animation film editing reel

I have experience in feature animation films and aswell in VFX editing, in all production stages: Animatic, Layout and Finishing.
■ Trailers, demos and other communication videos.
■ Assistant director in Script supervision, Breakdowns, ADR supervision, shot creation
■ Motion Graphics: Compositing, 3D integration, UI and title design.

My work as lead editor

The Missing Lynx, 2008 (Kandor Graphics, Spain)
The Lady and the Reaper, 2010 (Kandor Graphics, Spain-USA)
Justin and the Knights of Valour, 2013 (Kandor Graphics, Spain-UK)
Top Cat Returns, 2014 (Anima Estudios, Mexico-USA)
Run Ozzy Run, 2015 (Spain, Canada)
Welcome to Monster High, 2016 (UK-USA)


  • Oscar nomination Best Animated Short Film for “The Lady and the Reaper”.
  • Best Animated Feature “Goya 2009” Award for “The missing Lynx”.
  • Best Animated Short Film “Goya 2010” Award for “The Lady and the Reaper”.

Welcome to Monster High

Direct to DVD animated feature, produced by Axis Animation, Glasgow UK.

Lead editor.

Edited in Adobe Premiere


Spain and Canada coproduction. Head of Animatics.

Edited in Adobe Premiere

The missing lynx

The missing lynx, spanish trailer

Back in 2008, my first feature animation film as an editor was released, “The Missing Lynx”. I also had the opportunity to make the trailer!

Best animation feature, Goya awards 2009.

Justin And The Knights of Valour

Beside my work as head of editorial in Kandor Graphics for the film “Justin and Knights of Valor” I also did the editing of a making-of featurette in 2015, celebrating the film with the talent.

Top Cat Begins

Head of Animatics. Produced by Anima Studios and Warner Bros Animation. 2016

Edited in Premiere