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Author: Claudio Hernandez

VR 360º Nike showroom

Youtube VR 360

Just Rotate your device to see the environment. Enjoy the experience!

Virtual reality 360º.
Blender 3D render in quadrangulate mode 
Composited in After Effects with “Mantra” Mettle plugin suite.

Motion Graphics Reel

I’m a lover of CGI. Both 2D and 3D worlds can merge into something exciting inside Adobe After Efects.

Tools & plugins:

  • Video copilot 3D Element
  • Red Giant Suites: VFX, Shooter, Universe  & Trapcode
  • Mocha track, matchmoving and BG restoration
  • VR 360º videos with Mettle Mantra Suite
  • JSON SVG vector animation for webs

3D software:

  • Blender 3D
  • Cinema 4D
  • Reallusion Character Creator & iClone
  • Unreal Engine
  • Substance Painter

Scientific Visualization

University of Lennsburg: case study of anti-graviton interaction, device engineering.

MotionGraphics made in After Effects with 3DElement plugin and Trapcode Form fluid simulation.

Boomoons: Teaser

Post Production designer, Editor & Finishing for pitching trailer of “Boomoons” for Ánima Kitchent. Mastering and encoding in ProRe.

Software: Adobe Premiere, After effects, FFMpeg

Live concert multicamera

Live event, offline multicam editing for spanish broadcast television Tele 5 (Mediaset). “Sergio de la Puente, Cabot Cove concert”.

  • 6 camera feeds
  • 2 passes (rehearsals takes +main venue)

The editing process used proxy material before sending to color grading.

Software: Adobe Premiere.

Cleo & Cuquin TV series

Compositing & Finishing in preschool animated series for spanish broadcast television TVE and Anima Kitchent Studios. Season 1 & 2.

Software: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, FFMpeg

Trailer: Inercia shortfilm

Shortfilm directed by Jesús Agudo. Trailer by Claudio Hernandez.

Software: Adobe Premiere.

xoEl: The Kickstarter video

Writer, director and editor of a promotional video made for a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for Greyman Studios.

Software: Adobe Premiere & After Effect

Corporate video: Greyman Studios

Editor and writer of Greyman Studios’ corporate video. 3D camera traking for logo compositing.

Software: Adobe Premiere, After Effects

Welcome to Monster High

Direct to DVD animated feature, produced by Axis Animation, Glasgow UK.

Lead editor.

Edited in Adobe Premiere